The Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness (NUFA) is a non-profit organization that promotes evidence-based education in fertility awareness based methods (FABMs), natural fertility management and body literacy.

What are fertility awareness based methods?

Fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) involve charting the menstrual cycle by tracking physical signs of the female body. FABMs can provide detailed information about fertility and reproductive health and can be used in three primary ways:

Avoiding pregnancy

The biomarkers used to chart the events of the menstrual cycle provide us with detailed information about the fertile and infertile phases of the cycle. This information allows the users of FABMs to alter their sexual behaviour in order to avoid pregnancy. Perfect use of all FABMs to avoid pregnancy entails abstinence from penile-vaginal intercourse or other sexual activity that might result in semen coming into contact with cervical mucus during the fertile phase of the cycle.

Achieving pregnancy

Information about the fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle provided by cycle charting allows the users of FABMs to time intercourse in order to achieve pregnancy. Identifying the fertile phase of the cycle accurately is especially valuable for people in situations where the fertile phase might be hard to identify (eg. very irregular cycles) or shorter than normal (eg. perimenopause). Additionally, charting the menstrual cycle can help identify factors that might reduce fertility and enable people to address health issues impairing their fertility even before they start trying to achieve a pregnancy.

Monitoring health

The biomarkers used to chart the events of the menstrual cycle provide an overview of the state of an individual’s reproductive health. The information gained from menstrual cycle charts enables the users of FABMs to be more active participants in assessing and addressing their reproductive health concerns as well as in managing their general and long-term health.

Become a Member

There are two ways to participate in the organisation, depending on whether you are a Fertility Awareness professional, or just an avid supporter:

Support member

Do you want to support the fertility awareness movement in a concrete way? By becoming a support member of NUFA you help us bring the work forward.

Fertility Awareness Educator

If you are a fertility awareness educator you can apply to become a professional member of NUFA. Professional members will be listed in our educator directory and can take active part in bringing our work with fertility awareness forward.

For Healthcare Practitioners

Are you a healthcare practitioner and want to inform your patients about fertility awareness based methods? Here you can learn more about how to speak about FABMs in a clinical setting.

Find a Fertility Awareness Educator

Are you interested in finding a certified fertility awareness educator who can teach an evidence-based FABM to you or your patients? In our educator directory, you can find educators that are certified according to NUFA’s professional standards.

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