How to talk about Fertility Awareness

Are you using a fertility awareness based method and want to share your knowledge with others? Charting your menstrual cycle with a FABM can be very empowering and you might feel you need to shout this knowledge from the rooftops. To do so in an responsible manner, it is important to keep some things in mind.

However much you feel like sharing your knowledge, we do not suggest you start teaching others to practice a method of fertility awareness without proper training. Fertility awareness educators are trained to serve the needs of a diverse population with various individual reproductive situations. The aim of NUFA is to uphold professional standards which increase the legitimacy and acceptance of fertility awareness based methods. We ask you not to undermine this goal by providing education when you are not qualified to do so. 

Listed below are some ways you can share your experiences with others in a responsible manner.

• Use social media: Share your own experience of using a FABM. Like, comment and share posts by NUFA or individual fertility awareness educators.• Tell your health care professionals that you are practicing fertility awareness, share your charts and direct them to resources for learning more. Don’t let yourself be discouraged from using a FABM but recognise that there are a lot of misconceptions about these methods among health care professionals.

• If there is a fertility awareness educator in your area, invite them to give a presentation or a workshop in your community.

• Talk to your friends and family about your experience with fertility awareness practice. Many people in your life have never heard of FABMs or have misconceptions regarding them. Don’t be discouraged by common misconceptions people might share with you. Direct people to resources where they can learn more if they are interested – for example this website.

• Join NUFA as a support member and contribute to a fertility awareness friendly future in a concrete way.

Find a Fertility Awareness Educator

Are you interested in finding a certified fertility awareness educator who can teach an evidence-based FABM to you or your patients? In our educator directory, you can find educators that are certified by NUFA’s professional standards.

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