For Healthcare Practitioners

One of the long-term goals of the Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness is to establish fertility awareness education as an option in all contraceptive counselling and increase knowledge about FABMs among health care practitioners. If you are a healthcare professional looking to become an ally to NUFA, here are some suggestions of ways to participate.

Are you a health care professional who appreciates the value of FABMs in fertility management and/or as diagnostic tools and would like to incorporate them in your practice? Listed below, we suggest some ways to get started.

 • Refer your patients interested in fertility awareness to our website, where they can find more information and a listing of qualified instructors.
• Seek out to form relationships with fertility awareness educators who can work with your patients either in your practice or online. Partnering with educators can help you get the most out of FABMs as diagnostic tools since qualified educators can be skilled in assessing menstrual cycle parameters and how they relate to reproductive and overall health.
• Reach out to NUFA to arrange for a representative to give an introduction in FABMs at your clinic.
• Talk to your colleagues about FABMs and refer them to resources where they can find out more.
• Join NUFA as a support member and contribute to a fertility awareness friendly future in a concrete way.

Note that we do not suggest you start teaching fertility awareness to your patients without proper training in an established FABM or suggest that your patients self-teach, especially if they are looking for a birth control method. The aim of NUFA is to uphold professional standards to ensure high-quality fertility awareness education in the Nordic countries. We ask you not to undermine this goal by providing education if you are not qualified to do so.

Thank you for your support!

Find a Fertility Awareness Educator

Are you interested in finding a certified fertility awareness educator who can teach an evidence based FABM to you or your patients? In our educator directory, you can find educators that are certified by NUFA’s professional standards.

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