Standards for Professional Members of
the Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness


Professional members of the Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness are expected to meet the
following standards:

1. Teaching an evidence-based method of Fertility Awareness

2. Educated by an established institution training Fertility Awareness Educators (criteria below)

3. Experience in teaching: having taught the method and conducted follow-up sessions with at least 10 people/couples. Applicants are expected to provide client references from three clients. Applicants teaching more than one method are expected to have taught each method to at least 10 people/couples and need to provide three client references for each method they teach in order to be listed as educators of these methods.

4. Agreeing with the code of ethics of the Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness

Criteria for an established institution:

1. The institution provides supervised training in the field of Fertility Awareness Education

2. The training includes an internship

3. The training includes an examination process

4. The institution provides its graduates with opportunities for continuous education

An applicant trained by an institution any graduates of which are not yet professional members of the Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness is expected to provide contact information for the institution. The board will then consider whether this institution fills the criteria for an established institution. Once an institution has been confirmed to fill the criteria, it will automatically be considered an established institution if more of its graduates apply for professional membership.

The standards stated above can only be amended at the Yearly Assembly.

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