Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness (NUFA)
Code of Ethics


NUFA is an organ for certified Fertility Awareness Educators in the Nordic countries and beyond, teaching and promoting access to natural fertility management and body literacy.
NUFA encourages empowerment through knowledge of the menstrual cycle as a vital sign, and promotes the right to informed choice around options in reproductive healthcare, contraception and fertility.
NUFA as an organisation acts from a non-profit value base, and works for a common cause rather than individual goals.

Vision and mission statement

NUFA envisions a world where all people are initiated into the workings of their reproductive bodies at their respective coming of age, as a means of creating a nurturing and respectful relationship with their bodies, the bodies of other beings, and to nature.
We strive to contribute to a society where people celebrate their intelligent, social and reactive bodies, interpreting their signals as information.
We envision body literacy and Fertility Awareness as human rights, skills and tools for the individual to better attend to their body’s needs, thus attaining increased public health and wellbeing.

Standards to be upheld

Members of NUFA are obliged to share, support and honor the following values, causes and visions, in their spoken and written word as well as in their profession as certified FAEs:

• Body literacy and access to all information necessary to make informed reproductive choices and give informed consent, are human rights.
• Respect and equality between all people, regardless of gender, origin, faith, age, and sexual identity.
• Freedom to make reproductive choices based on one’s own judgement and unbiased information. NUFA practitioners are expected to uphold a pro-choice stance in their professional practice.
• Respect for all healthcare professionals and their diverse competencies.
• Communicating with other healthcare professionals outside of the organisation in a factual, non-violent and professional manner. Support in this can be provided from the board.
• Upholding and actively working for democracy and solidarity within the organisation of NUFA.
• Encouraging a culture of support and non-violent communication between members.
• Actively working with resolving internal as well as external misogyny.


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