The Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness

The Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness (NUFA) is a non-profit organization that promotes evidence-based education in fertility awareness based methods (FABMs), natural fertility management and body literacy.

The Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness is a non-profit organisation founded in 2019 in response to a growing need to set a standard for fertility awareness education in the Nordic countries. NUFA aims to provide the public as well as health care professionals with evidence-based and up-to-date information about fertility awareness based methods (FABMs), their use for birth control and family planning as well as their value as health monitoring tools and as means to enhance body literacy and female empowerment. NUFA encourages empowerment through knowledge of the menstrual cycle as a vital sign, and promotes the right to informed choice around options in reproductive healthcare, birth control and fertility. NUFA considers that FABMs provide their users with a basic life skill and holds that access to all information necessary to make informed reproductive choices is a human right. It is the stance of NUFA that fertility awareness education in the Nordic countries should be available to anyone with a menstrual cycle and it is a long term goal of the organisation to make high-quality fertility awareness education accessible to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status.

NUFA provides information for people interested in learning a FABM and looking for a certified fertility awareness educator, as well as for health care professionals interested in familiarising themselves with the basics and use of FABMs and/or collaborating with a fertility awareness educator.

Content on this website is for informational and educational purposes only and does not replace the guidance of a trained fertility awareness educator or a reproductive health care practitioner and does not constitute as contraceptive counselling or medical advice.

Current Board of Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness (NUFA):


Chairperson: Siri M. Kalla (Norway)
Vice Chairperson and Member Coordinator: Niina Suni (Finland)
Secretary: Suvi Lehtilä (Finland)
Treasurer: Sara Beckman Larsson (Sweden)
Board member: Marina Olasdotter Eskola (Sweden)



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Find a Fertility Awareness Educator

Are you interested in finding a certified fertility awareness educator who can teach an evidence based FABM to you or your patients? In our educator directory, you find educators that are certified by NUFA’s standards.

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