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Do you want to support our work in a concrete way? By becoming a support member of NUFA you help us to ensure up-to-date information and high-quality fertility awareness education are available in the Nordic countries.

As a support member of NUFA you get to support the mission of the organisation, bringing information about FABMs and body literacy to the wider public. You will get two newsletters a year where we present the latest news on FABMs in the Nordic countries and beyond. You are welcome to join the yearly assembly, however, you do not have the mandate to vote or hold office in the organization.

If you are a fertility awareness educator, and want to become a professional member, go here.

Find a Fertility Awareness Educator

Are you interested in finding a certified fertility awareness educator who can teach an evidence based FABM to you or your patients? In our educator directory, you can find educators that are certified by NUFA’s professional standards.

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