Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness (NUFA) Bylaws


§1 Name
Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness (NUFA).

§2 Purpose and mission
An organ for certified Fertility Awareness Educators and supporters of Fertility Awareness in
the Nordic countries and beyond, promoting access to and education in natural fertility
management and body literacy.
NUFA encourages empowerment through knowledge of the menstrual cycle as a vital sign,
and promotes the right to informed choice around options in reproductive healthcare, birth
control and fertility. NUFA aims to set a standard for Fertility Awareness Educators in the
Nordic countries, in order to ensure evidence-based education in fertility awareness for the

§3. Membership
NUFA has two membership categories.

1. Fertility Awareness Educators certified according to the standards set by NUFA:
members in this category are eligible to vote and hold office. The standards can be
amended by the Yearly Assembly, on the same terms as changes in §2-6 as stated in

2. Support members: members in this category are not eligible to vote or hold office.
Anyone can be a support member of NUFA.

The membership fee will be higher for certified members than for support members.
Membership fees are determined by the yearly assembly. Dues shall be paid annually.

§4 Exclusion
If a member is found to be in violation of the bylaws or code of ethics of NUFA, the board will
communicate this violation via written letter or email. If the violation(s) cannot be remedied
through mediation in a timely manner (determined by the board) and in good faith by the
member, membership in the association can be dissolved by the yearly assembly by a 2⁄3
majority vote.

§5 Changing the bylaws
Amendments to the basic principles of the bylaws for the association § 2-6 require a 2⁄3
majority at two consecutive annual meetings, of which at least one must be ordinary. Other
sections of the bylaws may be amended by a 2⁄3 majority at one annual meeting.

§6 Dissolvement of the organization
Only an ordinary annual meeting can decide on the dissolution of the association, of which a
3⁄4 majority is required. Any assets shall go to a purpose determined by the annual assembly.

§7 Fiscal and Financial Year
The NUFA operative year runs from January 1st to December 31th the forthcoming calendar

§8 Yearly Assembly
The ordinary annual assembly shall be held before the end of May. The Board also has the
right to convene extra annual assemblies. Notice of a yearly assembly (ordinary or extra)
must be given 4 weeks in advance. The annual meeting is NUFA’s highest decision-making
body. At the annual meeting, each member of the 1st membership category (as outlined in
§3.1) owns one vote. The annual meeting deals with business and accounting reports,
grants discharge, elects the board and auditor, and the deputy auditor, elects the nomination
committee, determines membership fees, deals with other matters that the board submits to
the annual meeting and deals with motions that can be brought forth by each member. Code
of ethics, mission, vision and the certification standards of the organization can be amended
at each yearly assembly. Motions must be received by the Board no later than two week
before the annual meeting. Agenda for the meeting must be sent out no later than one week
before the meeting. The board should aspire to make online participation in the Yearly
Assembly a possibility, and attendance online shall be regarded as valid attendance.

§9 Board
The Board is elected for a one year term and shall consist of five ordinary members,
including the chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer. The Board meets at the
request of at least two members. The board is assembled when at least half of the members
are present. The Board can itself set up working committees and the like. The board should
meet (in-person or via video link) a minimum of once every third month.

§10 Signatories
The treasurer and the chairperson are individually the organization’s signatories on financial

§11 Statements
The Board may authorize a member of the organization to make statements and write letters
in NUFA’’s name.

§12 Local branches of the organization
The annual meeting approves any local branches of the organization and also decides on
fees to the main organization.



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